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1990 164QV Euro spec & 1991 168B
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Thought maybe a thread with various part number info etc., could be added to as more info comes up in other posts.

I will start with this:
As for supply hose to pump from reservoir is is a 5/8" hose (actually two hoses with union in the middle that joins them in front of rack above left axle area. Hoses to and from cooling tube to rack and reservoir are 1/2". Yes they are just oil resistant hose you can get from Auto Zone or Advance Auto Store, etc.

For supply hose from reservoir to pump you can use Advance Auto Parts 5/8" x 42" hose,their SKU# 3867366 mfg Powercraft #71207. So one piece long enough to cut in two pieces and insert old union in middle or try to use as one piece.

For return hose from rack to cooling tube under floorboard and back to reservoir you can use 1/2" x 36" hose Advance Auto Parts 38667641 Powercraft 71296 and cut to length to do both pieces.

There is a AR 9943835 boot kit available from Difatta or IAP for rack with oval boot and steering centering spring on passenger side (two boots, one round one oval).

For rack without centering spring both boots round and kit is 60760026.


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An update, I searched for 1/2" x 36" hose Advance Auto Parts 38667641 Powercraft 71296 and it's no longer carried by Advance Auto.

Try Part No. 36209 for the new part for CARQUEST Power Steering Bulk - 1/2" ID Reservoir Hose 36". Just ordered some.
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