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1991 164 L
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Hello there!

I am looking for the following parts for my Euro Spec, Alfa 164 Twin Spark 2.0L (1995)

I believe a loft of parts are interchangeable and if you have what I need, please leave a reply or PM me and I will check to see if they can be used on my car :)

NOTE: Shipping to Sri Lanka required. Will pay, obviously!
Payment through PayPal only please.


1. Fuel pump with plastic top (euro spec tank/pump), with the high and low pressure hoses attached and undamaged. (see pics attached)

2. Axle / CV boot

3. Good condition front and rear suspension arms (lower arms, upper arms etc)

4. Good suspension shock absorbers and springs (original, NOT lowering type)

5. Speedometer cluster / unit

Hi, I have a new unit cluster gauge from retired dealer. email me at [email protected] ,I will get pics for you. Bob
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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