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I can help. Just e-mail me.

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hello all
I am looking for a few parts for my Alfa 164 TS (1995)

I believe a LOT of parts are the same regardless of model/type and year.

I am from Sri Lanka, so I will obviously require international shipping which i will pay for.

You can email me directly at: [email protected]
Hi, your email comes up invalid. Bob

Here's what i am interested in:
1. Alfa 164 Windshield (better if with original trims if undamaged)
2. Brake booster
3. interior roof hood liner clips (3 in total)
4. Trunk liner/sound proof material with clips (should be in excellent condition and with ALL clips)
5. PLASTIC fuel line/hoses (2 lines in total) that have a 'clip-on' type of connector each on it and connects to the two fuel outlets pipes on the fuel pump.
6. original, PERFECT throttle position sensor

I will pay for Insurance + special packaging (especially for the windshield).

I prefer sellers from the UK as I have a few relatives there who can assist in the shipping OR you can send the items to them directly for them to pack and ship it out to me.

However, ALL sellers welcome, regardless of where you live. Thats coz I need these stuff really fast to restore my car to 100% condition with a new paint job as well...! There is a little tinkering job needed near the windshield-roof meeting point and it cannot be done unless I get hold of a new windshield as mine is cracked from the top corners and MAY crack further if removed to complete the tinkering.

Now, here's a 164 in need! Help her out! :tank:
Your email came up invalid.
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