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Well i was guilty of driving the car for quite some time with a weak brake master cylinder. The brakes were still working great, pedal had a small spongy feel, (cylinder never bypassed under extreme pedal pressure), just the fluid level would drop on occasion. I would top up, knowing no external leaks present, guilt would approach my mind knowing it will be coming out the back of the master cylinder into the booster. Then further guilt knowing this will also get drawn into the intake plenum and give the inlet valves a bit of a lube.
Look, access really put me off this job. I ask you Can you see yours? Yes, be patient doing this job, especially on an auto.
With success on the HVAC, then the T/BELT, i was going for the trifecta.
With the cooling system resevior out of the way, false firewall and all air intake gone, i was halfway there
Still buried in the depths, remove heater hoses out the way, then loosen your two brake pipes.(24v auto ABS) Use a brake pipe spanner to avoid rounding the brake pipe nuts. With the brake fluid resevior empty, remove plastic ends of feed hoses from rubber grommets on top of cylinder. No need to disturb your hoses and clamps, (unless they are old and perished) remove with your resevior and wash out under tap to get rid off old contaminates, then fully dry in sunshine. let it bake dry.
Using 3/8 drive ratchet, extension, flexible extension joint and a 13mm single hex socket, loosen your two nuts and remove, then your ready to pull it out, the cylinder that is!. (NOTE- double hex sockets may slip and round nuts)
They are long cylinder, at first attempt I thought the trans pan may have to come off. NO it does not.
With the abs brake piping lifted up, slide the m/cylinder out till it hits the trans pan. With just enough room, swing it right, (front into engine bay) then you can feed it out and take out of car near rear of back head. (If you go left it gets stuck, believe me!!)
With it out, i took the new seal kit i got from UK, and my old master cylinder down to the Brake Resleeving Centre. The lady in the machine shop, took my bits and did her magic. She dismantled my part, bored the cylinder and fitted a stainless steel sleeve, then replaced hydraulic seals. Also they painted it black, a nice finishing touch.
Took it back to my car, installed it in reverse order to removal. Then I got my brother over and we bled the brakes.
Came up with a fantastic feeling pedal.

I did clean out the booster, check valve and vacuum line. Syphoned out the old fluid that had leak into booster, gave the diaphragm a good spray with brake cleaner, all came out okay.


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