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Hi all,
I have recently purchased a 2010 alfa 159 2.4 JTD Ti with the TF-80sc auto.
When I brought it , it wasn't driving but the owner said he had just broken a coolant hose and otherwise the car was ok.
This was of course a big fat lie.
After I brought it, I fixed the thermostat with the broken fitting. I noticed there was sludge in the thermostat.
Anyway I put it back together and tried to move it. But when reverse or drive engaged it would go nowhere.
Later I found when I tried again it did drive but only for a few minutes before failing again.
I then found that the gearbox heat exchanger had been blocked off from the engine water supply, and the gearbox oil had water in it. I flushed the gearbox with about 8 litres of new oil, hoping this would fix it.
However it still does exactly the same thing, runs for a few minutes from dead cold then stops, note that gearbox is still stone cold when it fails.
So I'm trying to figure what the auto is doing, clearly water won't do it any favor's and the previous owner won't tell me how long it's been like this.
Is it shutting itself down after a few minutes? if so why?
Does it think the fluid is so bad it won't activate properly until a counter or adaptive reset?
Or is it something mechanically wrong due to water damage, glue melting, rust etc?
I guess this leads me to the next question, what scan tool/software do I need to read and reset gearbox params?
I see vida/Dice is used for volvo with the same gearbox, are the tools different or the same since the engine and box are shared with dozens of other vehicles?
And of course the worst case, getting a 2nd hand box or rebuilding this one?
If 2nd hand , can I use any TF-80SC from another car or do they vary in some parts or programming?
If rebuilding , I need a lot more help as I know little about autos, but am willing to learn and heck if it's broke anyway I can't hurt it more.
I'm not familiar with autos but have a fair bit of experience with cars and electronics, which I'm hoping will help me some.
Thanks for your help.
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