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The only tie between the DTM engines and the production ones were that the rules imposed to respect very few features of the production engine. This had to be (have been) produced in at least 2500 units. Bank angle and distance beween bore centers were the only features to be carried over from the production engine.

So, it's completely misleading to talk about any work done on the Busso engine: two measurements were compulsory: 133mm between bores centers and 60°

But the last version had nothing to do with PRV engines. It's just that the rules (as used by Opel for building a 90° V6 based on the features of a Holden V8) allowed to "start" from a V8 cutting 2 cylinders off (ie taking the V8 measurements), and did NOT say that the base engine had to be currrently in production. Fiat therefore took the Montreal V8 data: 90° and most important 108mm between cylinders, which allowed a much shorter crankshaft, and two rods on a single crank, unlike the 60° version.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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