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offered for sale is an Alfa Romeo 105 type intake manifold european version (for carbs) with a set of solid long mounts (6cm).
the intake manifold and the mounts has been modified to be used with 45mm carbs on your engine
so the solid mounts has been turned in the lathe from 40mm to 45 mm so in the side of carbs the diameter is 45mm and in the side of intake it s 40 mm. the have a progressive taper so per total you will have 45 mm diameter on carbs side and 38mm (standard diameter) on cylinder head.
Due these taper the torque will be dramaticaly improved at low rev.
the intake is in very good condition and the solid mounts are just new
they have been bought from Classicalfa for 175 GBP, professionaly modifieted milled cost also 75GBP
so for the intake and the solid mounts i m looking for 450$ including shipping (practicaly the intake is for free and it s complete with all the niples, sender and thermostat on it)
in this way you will can easely use a 45mm set carbs on a normal (not ported) cylinder head and you will increase the power and the torque of the engine


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