I have completed a full restoration on my dad's 1974 GTV. I have many parts left over. Some are new and never used. Attached is a list of those parts. Where I could, I referenced part numbers in one or more of the more popular vendors (like Classic Alfa) so you can reference the items there for better descriptions.

Other parts are the original items from my dad's car. These are all used and in the condition they were in when removed. All of them were functional when removed. I can't guarantee the working status at this point but they worked when the car was parked for the restoration.

If you are interested in one or more of these items, PM or reply to this thread with the item and we can figure out a fair price for it.

QtyDescriptionSourcePart #
1Set of Door Seals for left and right doorsClassic AlfaRB002 & RB003
1Front Windshield SealClassic AlfaRB000
1Rear Window SealClassic AlfaRB001
1Set of headers, 1.441 inches Inside Diameter
1Set of Differential Housing includes Crown Wheel and Pinion
1T-Bar for rear suspension
1Set of left and right trunk trim piecesClassic AlfaCH062 & CH063
1Used Fan
1Brake Booster
1Brake Master Cylinder w/ Brake Fluid Reservoir
1Clutch Master Cylinder
1Clutch Slave Cylinder
1Propshaft Center Bearing SupportClassic AlfaGB028
1Brake Pressure Regulator ValveClassic AlfaBR012/1
1Set of window winders, usedClassic AlfaCH021
1Set of inner door handles, usedClassic AlfaCH019
1Rear Seat Belts