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I have a lot of GTV parts I want to sell. taking up space and I need to move on to complete my 1750 GTV. Heres what I have. located in socal I can send photos upon request:

2- 1750 cranks - (cut 1 over) $350 ea
1750 rods and pistons used
1750 engine front covers
1750 cams ( stock, not euro a far as I can tell)
distributors - Morelli
1750 valve covers ( 1 painted black and 1 aluminum )
1- Bright work set- all pieces ( doors, drip , etc ) - I will only sell cmplt $800
Spica parts- pumps, air boxes, manifolds etc- ( 1750 and 2000) $150 ea
Exhaust manifolds- $100 ea- painted white w exhaust paint
hood hinges- goes above radiator
1 door- excellent condition ( 2L ) $450
1 68 hood- clean- just had media blasted $400
2 seat buckets ( 2L)
2 rear seats upper and lower 1 tan and 1 black sets
headlight buckets- L and R- $100 ea
headlight gaskets- used but excellent condition
headlight trim rings
LSD rear end ( not sure what ratio) never opened $300
Hood spring rods( goes above radiator )
Headliner spar
door weather stripping channels- missing 1 section
Front sway bar
door hinges- needs rebuilding
door window regulators L&R gear style 2L
Rear Window glass
Burma box- not cracked and polished to mirror finish -$350
long steering rod ( not pitted) for Burman box- $200
rod that goes inside Burman box- welded, cut and polish- like new $200
Bell housing- $100
wiper motor -3 wire
wiper arms
wiper Linkage- new cad platting - $200
driver door sill- new polished to mirror finish $150
Ram air duct metal for spica( originally welded to chassis on 71's and up)
steering wheel - original style - needs to be polished small crack
hub caps- different styles
1750 dash vents
2L brake booster
2L hanging pedal box w good clutch pin
original rims
front suspension and steering components
steering idler box
Vitaloni California mirror set- never installed
Vitaloni mirror set- not sure mode name
original rear axle limit straps( clean but hard- can be softened up)
Rear axle trailing arms
inner chasis splash shields Front- front and rear
Hard brake lines
Spica tubes- new cad plating - $200 set
Spica fuel pumps
Spica fuel pump housings
Spica fuel filter housing
Spica 1750 airbox early style - dual circuit
Spica 2000 airbox
Spica 1750 airbox single circuit
Spica T255 pump
Spica T237/1 pump
Spica manifolds
Carb support brackets
rear transmission to exhaust hangers
rear chassis cross members
water pumps
front seat rails
door latch mechanisms L&R sides
Metal vapor truck fume canister (68)
plastic vapor truck fume tank
1750 flywheels
2L flywheels
wiring harness
Misc 1750 engine parts, gears, cams, pins ,etc.
Rear window latches- needs new chrome or at least polish.
1750 oil canister and aluminum bracket- polished and powder coated- new

Giulietta Spider Windshield Wiper Motor & Linkage
Spider rear tail-lights- not sure year

Basically it's a ton of stuff . If you are looking for a GTV part let me know and I probably have it. I would also consider selling this whole lot if anyone is interested. There is a lot of good stuff here I can't use and don't have room for.


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Interested in 255 spica pump --- can u pm me with details? Thanx bob

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Looking for passenger side spring seat and good clutch master cylinder.
Please PM me. Thanks

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PM send on hard brake lines

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I have a set of calipers but they are all apart and need to be fully rebuilt. Needs blasting and zinc plating to start. I can sell for 25 ea. plus shipping

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1750 Block??


Your list is very detailed and no mention was made, but by any chance do you have a 1750 engine block?

Secondly, are the 1750 timing covers that you have the European or the Spica injection type? I would be interested in the Euro version if you have one.



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Sorry its all Spica front covers. No Euro. I do have a full 1750 I might consider selling if I had the right offer. The numbers are correct for my 71 GTV 1750 so it's kind of hard to let go. But then again... money talks everything is for sale.

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I still have all this stuff. I can adjust prices if need be... I do need to get it moving to make space

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what color interior do you have?are your rear lights clean?, euro markers orange/red?
this is what i need,door cards both,rear side cards both,center console,dashboard,both sun visors,fuel sender,carpet set,door moldings,trunk molding,mats.full interior lol.
whats the state of the car itself? I'm doing a 1300 gt junior.
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