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Alfa 105 full Alfetta 2L motor / engine and gearbox setup.
All rebuilt in early 2000 (have reciepts). Has not done much work since then and periodically serviced with fresh coolant and oil. Runs perfectly. Late model Alfetta motors have better oiling.
Gearbox is excellent except for slight crunch when changing gear into 3rd quickly (common problem i have heard).

Comes with coil, front section of driveshaft, spark leads, radiator and hoses, air box, carburetors, extractors, starter motor, alternator and anything else motor related that i have missed.

Can put on pallet and ship interstate if need be (around $250 estimated) can also package up to ship internationally but you will have to organize freight from your end if this is the case.

$2000 AUD
(i know that's cheap, just need gone as taking up space)

Phone: 0401231141
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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