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I've found this forum very useful for a number of areas and thought I'd share my thoughts on Weber carb set up and some problems I've fixed along the way.

1976 - 2000 GTV with twin Weber 138 and 139 no other modifications (yet..)

Idle - 55 F8
Pump Jet 40
Emulsion F11
Air Corrector 175
Main Jet 138
Starter Jet 85 F9

Alfaholics stainless exhaust system front to back.

It will now rev to 6,000RPM and has a good pull through all gears.

One recent problem I've been struggling with is hesitation when moving off from c. 1,000RPM to 3,000RPM, I've changed from F16 to F11 which helped.

However I recently noticed that the seals on the pump jet covers and the washers at the base of the pump jet didn't look right, a quick order to Emmanuel at Classic Carbs and £9.20 later the hesitation is all but gone. Shows how important every component, washer etc. is on these Webers.

I also had to rebalance the carbs by quite a bit so one of the pump jets was definitely not working properly.

Anyway hope this helps somebody out there, I'm sure the set up won't work for everybody but it seems to work well for me.

Now off for a nice drive in the sunshine here in the UK!
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