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Air Filter

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Anyone has a picture of the air filter as used in the SPICA system?

I was browsing the K&N website and found the following filter for "1750/2000"

1750 / 2000
Air Filter

Is this the correct part # for a K&N filter for a 73 Spica GTV 2000? Do I need two of them?

When I select Giulia as the model, only the 1300 and 1600 engine shows up with no K&N filter available.

Thank you. :)
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Funny... I just replaced mine today. Anthony was saying to snap a picture, and I said who would care to see this.

Theres 2 filter's, they look like a 22oz beer can but a little wider.
I have the old foam filters sold by Shankle that fit in the stock SPICA Airbox. Does anyone know how these flow compared to the K&N filters?

P.S. I had a Shankle Quadraflow set up and ready to install but several very knowledgeable people convinced me it actualy flows worse than the stock airbox.
Well, it sounds LOUDER. Personally, I like a lot of exhaust noise and not so much intake noise.

I'll tell you one thing, it sure makes tuning a SPICA car easier as you can access everything with the Quadraflow in place...
the filters are still in my trash, i can get them and we can re-enact it?
italcarguy said:
the filters are still in my trash, i can get them and we can re-enact it?
Thx Anthony, I will just take the box apart on Saturday (when the car arrive).

I saw the picture of them on IAP. Are they the one

Sniady, which filter did you change urs to?

Actually, I need the K&N part number so I can order them from K&N. I heard that it's semi-out of production and might take me a while to get them.
If you have a problem getting the K&N, you could try "Green" as I fitted to mine (not spica, but bosch.....although I'm sure they have one thats the same), see pic below

Green Cotton Filter on Spider

Green Cotton Filters
I just put in a set of UNI foam filters sold by Centerline. They are about 1/4 the cost of the K & N filters and look to be a very nice design. Much better than the old Shankle foam filters I had, which were falling apart.
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