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Air Filter question -86 spider

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Hsa anyone used this? They say it will fit my spider but it doesn't look like it will. ANy feedback or suggestions are appreciated!
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Don't waste your money - you're not going to see any power gain. In fact, you might theoretically see a power loss from sucking hot underhood air. Also those cloth filters don't clean the intake air as well as the OEM filter.

Short answer is just use the stock airbox and a good paper filter. For the long answer to a search here on "K&N".
Yep, Seen these on ricers and they don't look even as good as the picture. Guess the saying about getting what you pay for applies here.:)
ok, thanks, I will go ahead and order a new paper filter. I just didn't see how the ebay one wouldeven work with the MAF sensor?

sense the only place I can find that stocks a filter is centerline for about $25 shipped I was looking for soem different options. IF anyone has a part number for a filter from autozone or advance auto please let me know!!
The Fram or Mann number is CA4767, which you should be able to find or order locally.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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