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Air Conditioning Removal - 86 Spider

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I removed most of my AC stuff years ago as I live in Wet WA State and really don't need AC, just more heat.
GONE - radiator-compressor-bracket-several hoses.

I'm in the process of an engine rebuild -

With the engine bay accessible, I'd like to remove most of the wires and then take the two hoses that feed the internal cooling core and use it and the vents for more heat. I know the spiders have toasty heaters but I want more for winter driving.

Anybody done this???

Below are photos of the extra wires and parts I'd like to remove. Please let me know if you have knowledge of these parts and if it's okay to remove. Thanks Kirk


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Sensor in pic #2 can go along with it's harness.
It controls the aux fan, (which I presume you're dumping), in the event of overheat.

Relays in pic #3 can also go.
One controls the aux fan via the sensor in #2 and the other turns it on with the AC controls in the console.

The heavy wires in pic #4 on the junction block need to stay as they receive and distribute power directly from the battery via the starter motor connection and service the main fuse panel in the cabin along with other items that get full on battery service.
Unless you can chase one specifically to the AC system somewhere, I'd not mess with them.

The small wire w/blade fuse on the junction block in pic #4 services the AC compressor and can be eliminated.

IIRC, the green wire can go too, but can't quite remember specifically enough to be positive about it.
(it might go to the 'generat' light actually. I'll try to confirm via the diagram I have here unless someone else jumps in with the correct answer beforehand)

Confirmed: small green on alternator junction block in pic #4 goes to the 'generat' warning lamp in the tachometer.
Leave it alone.
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AC schematic and wire removal

Thanks for all the info, I've attached the AC schematic from your other post here. Any thoughts on using the AC cabin core for heat? I suppose the worst that could happen is Antifreeze all over the inside passenger side.
Not really where I sit anyway. ;-) Might eat my nice black carpets though.

I'll post again when back on the road.


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I've not done this (nor do I know anyone who has) so this is all speculation.

Assuming similar heat transfer efficiencies between a heater core and an evaporator (what you called an internal cooling core), one thought would be to hook them up in series. Simple enough to hook up I'd think BUT the heater and A/C ductworks are not connected in any way. This would mean retaining the A/C blower. So two heater cores and two blowers.
An issue might be that because the cores are hooked up in series, the water temp exiting the 1st core may no longer be hot enough to do any good in the 2nd.
do you have someone in mind for all the A/C parts you've removed?? I'm trying to install a system.
Hi Robert
Unfortunately, I've dumped the Air con parts and still plan on using the internal fan / core for secondary heat. I've cut the hoses and will tap off of the main feed and run two cores with equal heat. Shouldn't be a problem as I plan on adding a valve to shut off in the " NW Summer Time" I say that because it's been a cold spring here in Seattle for months even now in July still 60º (right now at 10am, 59º)
Best, Kirk


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