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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for the following original factory parts to complete my installation of air conditioning ( AC ) in my 105 GTV (1974) - delivered to the Australian market.

These parts include:
1. Battery tray located in the boot ( );
2. Plastic battery tray cover;
3. Resistor for blower (;
4. Hose clamp; (sourced)

5. Condensor / condenser
6. Borletti evaporator (european style without the DEF lamp below the blower switch - note that I already have a US Borletti Evaporator box and so please don't contact me to sell one of these - it's only the european one I am after)
7. Electric relay ( );
8. Miscellaneous brackets shown in pic taken form parts manual ( , , , , );
9. Knob for battery cover (

Each are shown in pictures below. Shipping would be to Australia.

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The Alfa specialist who did the install in my '74 GTV was able to adapt an S3 Spider battery tray to fit the trunk. (He just walked out back and cut it out of a parts car). It works really well and since those are easy to find it might be worth looking into. As for the cover, I had a factory A/C car a while back and it definitely didn't have the cover so I didn't even know it was needed. I guess now I'm looking for one of those too? The same specialist was able to use the resistor block from the Spider parts car. Not sure why you don't want the DEF light, it's kind of nice to tell when the fan is on. If it's on "Low" you can barely even tell so I always appreciate the indication. Erik Rathmann in Poway CA did the job. Rathmann Auto Works LLC. Certainly worth contacting him as he really put a lot of thought and effort into making the job as original as possible and also fully functional. Great guy and really resourceful. He finished the install at 9pm the day I left for CO from CA in late June. I was driving it across the Mojave the next day in 100+ degree temps with the engine running cool and nice and cool inside as well. I highly recommend installing a thermostatically actuated "pusher" fan on the front of the condenser/radiator. Erik got a good quality one and it keeps the engine cool all the time, even adding cooling when the A/C isn't on. Another additional tip, go for the York/Sanden conversion bracket from any number of websites. The Sanden compressor uses so much less power and really smooths out operation vs the terrible original style one. Good luck with the search and install! By the time it was all said and done I had more money in the A/C install than I spent buying the car, but it is definitely a really nice upgrade!

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I don't have any of these parts. But I can give you info that might make it easier to find them. On U.S. spec cars.

Knob for battery cover ( Same knob used on the early 80's Spiders.
Resistor for blower ( is used on the Alfetta's
5th picture double plastic hose hold down. Also used on the Alfetta's.
Electric relay ( ) also Alfetta. Also any number beginning with 116 would also be Alfetta.
Miscellaneous brackets shown in pic taken from parts manual. used on all Bosch injected Spiders.
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