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I've removed my Euro Style Air Intake box and I was wondering what was the best method to restore (clean at least) this part. This may seem like an odd question however if you look at the picture below for example you will notice odd patterns in the metal - they look like large 'birth marks'. To my mind these are oil stains of some kind but I'm not sure how this could be as the box appears to be aluminium or this is just a sign of bad casting and reflects the nature of the pot metal used - if that's what it is.

Air Box - Stock.jpg

I am also interested in hearing peoples thoughts about what the stock appearance of the air filter box as depicted below is supposed to be. Was it originally painted matt black or was this powdercoated or something else? I've looked for threads on this subject of the air filter box but to my suprise I couldn't find any.

Air Intake.jpg

EDIT: Actually after searching for "airbox" instead of "air box" I found quite a few posts :eek:
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