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Hi all,

I bought my 66 stepnose 4 years ago from a mechanic who had done the clutch, brakes, exhaust, put a good ( apparently he ran it and tested it) 1750 in, and a few other things. Ive cut out a bit of rust and put some alfaholics springs in and a few other bits and pieces and Im hoping to get her back on the road ( or at least started andmoving) after 18 years soon in some for or another soon which is exciting.

Im intending to start up my engine for a bit of fun and to see what condition it is in. I have never had it running and the guy I bought it from said he had tested it but its a bit of an unknown beastie really.

Its in the car and is connected to the fuel tank ( which hasnt been filled for 18 years or so) and its plumbed to the radiator etc but someone prior to me and the previous owner cut all wires as they came out into the engine bay.

Can anyone give me some pointers on starting an old engine in this state....almost like starting it on a stand I spose.

Im thinking

1. build temporary fuel tank and add fuel
2. check coolant level ( previous owner had filled it up 4 years ago)
3. wire up starter motor to battery
4. connect spark plugs to distributor and wire coil etc to battery
change oil and refill and and turn over by hand before starting to lubricate engine
5. touch starter wires together, grab a handfull of throttle and cross fingers

Im hoping this is a reasonably simple excercise and that a few of you have done something similar and can give me a bit of a list of dos and donts.



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start up?

Yes, you've got it correct. I would put some oil down the plug holes and spin it over on the starter. Turning by hand isn't really going to move much oil around. Maybe take the cam cover off to change the oil in the cam galleys. You may have to sand the points as they often corrode from sitting.
Keep a fire extinguisher handy, if case it spits back through the carbs.
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