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Well, this is nothing if not a learning experience! We ended rebuilding the bottom end (new pistons/liners/rings), the head was in fine shape so we were able to just clean it and install it. I had a set of DCOE 40s that seemed ok (had not rebuilt them) but once we got the motor onto the engine stand and fired it up something was a miss.

Crazy weezing/squeaking noise. This makes having a runoff stand worth its weight in iron. It turns out that apparently you need to tighten the carb nuts...

Back to the car, we turned our attention to the brakes. Yikes! where are the calipers? What are all these brake shoes doing inside the front drums? Why doesn't the brake pedal do anything? Well, after we replaced the flex lines and rebuilt the master and wheel cylinders the brakes work pretty good (still amazed at the three shoe system...).

With the brakes and the motor issues in the past we were finally able to install the motor with the transmission. Another learning curve. I think we will try the screw for stud technique in the future.

With the help of an earlier thread, we installed an electric fuel pump with out too much trouble and without butchering the original lines. Then the exhaust - all new from the headers to the tailpipe. Driveshaft, etc.

The wire harness was already installed but not without some glitches to attend to but enough that we could fire the engine.

Today, just in time for the weather to turn ugly the little gray spider moved under its own power after what I would guess is about 40 years off the road:

It wasn't far and there's still plenty to do but it is gratifying to get to this point. And no more squeaking (although one can hear the hiss from the uncorked vacuum port - it's on the list).

Hopefully the weather will break this week to where we can at least take it down the road. But even the little bit we've had it, I can see the charm that the 750/101 Spider exudes...

More soon...

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I would pass on the heater, it is really a placebo, that's is why it has a light to tell you it is on😆

Nice looking and sounding car!
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