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Added a '71 Vintage Racer Project to the stable

I have been wanting to get another race car to replace my '93 Porsche 968 Clubsport I sold a few years ago. Ultimate speed and track records are no longer the goal. I want the thrill of the track at any speed. So, going vintage was my path. I stumbled across a Vintage Racer Project and took the the plunge. She had been disassembled and repainted/refreshed some eight years back, and that is how she stayed. I brought home A dozen large boxes of parts (including two engines in parts), VARA and SCCA log books and the rolling chassis with Ward and Dean Suspension, fire suspression, cage, and Accumsump, etc. Basically a kit car now. Over the winter, I plan to get her track ready again, and bring her back up to. Lime Rock. My '83 now has a room mate.

Wish me luck!


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