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Just driving along a local road and spotted two cars looking forlorn in a back yard.

Recognized one as a Triumph, :cool: other is sitting with only the rear exposed.
Seemed familiar but I was not sure what it was, I thought it an Alfa.

Looking around here it seems to be a GTV, not sure of the exact model.
Squared fast-back body style, has faded factory stripes on the sides that sweep up at the rear.

They have been sitting a while, particularly bad for the TR as it's a convertible and we have four seasons of weather here. :sad:

I used to rescue cars like these all the time, do the hardest work and then sell them off as fairly easy projects.
That would fund the next rescue.

I know what the TR is and it's probable value (depending on condition) if I contact the owner and he is at all interested in selling. :001_unsure:

But the Alfa is pretty well a mystery for me.

Tried searching this site, I expect there is a good reference thread but I did not find it.

Should I make the effort to rescue the Alfa, what are the value differences for a 2000 vs a V6?
Which is more desirable?
I suspect some GTV's may have had automatics?
If it's a V6 and the engine is bad how hard to squeeze in one from a 164L?
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