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AC Solenoid question

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My '84 has the Tropic Air dual evaporator system and seems to be wired as sort of a hybrid between the 84-86 system and the later 86 dual fan Behr system. (As per the service updates) In the Tropic system there is a solenoid beyween the dryer and the aux evaporator this is show in the wireing diagram for the system. (I have this solenoid.) The later Behr syetem does not have this solenoid. As I am rebuilding my car, I am updating the compressor, condensor, dryer and makeing new hoses. Any reason to leave the solenoid in the system?

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Since the thermostat switch for the aux. evaporator is wired in full cold position and the solenoid controls the flow of coolant through the evaporator, the solenoid must be there to shut down the flow of coolant so that if the evaporator gets too cold it will open the solenoid switch stoping the flow of coolant to keep from "freezing" the aux evaporator. Anybody concur with this?

In this case it is in the best functioning intrest of the aux portion of the system to keep the solenoid. By the way you can put it on the bench, hook power to it open it and blow air through it to make certain it is cleaned out. I was surprised it let through as much air as it did when open.

FYI: I'm putting in a new Sanden 709 compressor, superflow condensor, dryer and hoses. I've rebuilt the fan motors inside the cabin and insulated their housings. Insulation with expanding foam on the sides to fill the gaps in the coils and new foam strips in the ceter console at all the joints. The only place air goes into or out of the housings is where it's suppose to. I've been pleasently surprised at the amount of air flow available after doing this.

Will report on the effectiveness of the system afterwards.
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