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The last time this was discussed there was a small firestorm. There are a few who like the ABS. I for one don,t miss it at all. Due to the dynamics at the local track the left front usually tends to lock up first and I enjoy being able to modulate the brakes with out any interference for a computer. I know some modern race cars use ABS but the Milano really has first generation system that is not very sophisticated.
I'm one of the few that love the system. Maintenance of them isn't hard because it isn't a difficult system to understand.

It's also not as ancient and unusable as you guys make it sound.

The Teves system installed in the Milanos were also in high-end cars whose brakes, for their generation, were some of the best anywhere. This subject comes up often around here :) and my response (along with Jes' above) is consistent: if you invested time to learn it, it's easy to maintain. But if your expectation of a braking system as ordained by your deity is a master cylinder, a vacuum booster and a set of calipers, then there is no further discussion :D.

That said, check out this link, it provides a good overview of the Teves Mark II ABS system that was shared across many, many, many cars. The Milano was one of them.

Ford Thunderbird - ABS Anti-Lock Brake System
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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