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ABS hose, Verde

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I started the Verde up today and went driving, noticed my ABS light and brake light on. Not usual. Also the ABS was not functioning properly.

Opened the hood to find brake fluid everywhere! Cleaned all I could.

I found the hose that comes from a brake line to the ABS pump has rubbed a hole in itself from touching the battery! Another reason to move the battery to the trunk!

Has anyone had to order one of these hoses? I checked international but couldnt find it. Im going to see if I can get one custom made..maybe a thicker material.

Has anyone else seen this happen? Check your cars!

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I had a weeping hose so I replaced it with a braided line from Pegasus. There are other sources too, see this thread:
Thanks loach1, I was sure this must have happened to someone else. Was a relief though, I figured it was my pump that was dying!
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