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The overnight bleed down of pressure is probably the check valve which is integral with the pump. I don't think it can be removed without destroying the pump though...

An easy check is to pressurize the system and mark the fluid level on the reservoir, then check it again after a few hours. If it is the check valve, the fluid will travel back to the reservoir via the pump's suction line. If in doubt, pinch the suction line overnight and the level will remain the same.

The long pumping is probably the pump going out. Mine takes 15~20 seconds and I thought that was bad. These pumps have a positive displacement design that relies on close clearances that enlarge as they wear, making it harder on the pump to increase pressure.

One recommendation - don't take it apart unless you have a back-up. It is very difficult, maybe impossible to get the rubber seal to shrink back to where it needs to be to prevent leaks.
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