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A spin in a Spider...

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I'm thinking about buying my first Alfa in the near future, and more specifically, this would be my first classic car in general. It didn't occur to me until recently that before I start investing a lot of time and money looking for just the right car, I had better make sure that it's the car that I want. I've never even sat in a Spider before, much less driven one and I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to either take me for a spin, or allow me a supervised 'test drive' of their car. I'd love to meet an enthusiast who might be able to help me select the right car for my mechanical skill level and budget and get an opinion of the attitude to take when selecting one.

Just so you know I'm not a crazy, you can look at my myspace page so there's no worries...or maybe that'll confirm your worries.... I am working right now in Thousand Oaks and live in Hawthorne, so anywhere in between or anywhere else in the tri-county area would be fine for me. I'd just like to meet someone with the knowledge and enthusiasm that I've experienced and read about in this BB.

Thanks for your help.
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