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In that I am neither an engineer nor a mechanic, I'll rely on those better informed to tell if my 'fiddy' cent solution for the wind screen wiper mechanism ball and socket separation will pass muster. The cash outlay for necessary parts was absurdly minimal: a 'to hand' hefty washer and a #10-32X5/8” (15.875mm) set screw. This is merely a guideline of my method and I should expect it be tuned and adapted to individual situations. Refer to the photos for visual clarification. I apologize for their inferior quality.

The washer center hole must be of a size to collar the neck of the ball unit, and small enough that the ball cannot pass through it. Cut a wedge out of the washer that will snugly pass over the ball neck. Align the newly 'machined' 'C' clip over the socket end of the adjustable extension to the main drive rod, the link. Drill holes in the 'C' opposite the open wedge, then directly below it in the link. Increase from small to larger bits, I used a #10 bit last, to open both holes. Clamp the 'C' to the link with their drilled holes aligned - the drill bit through both holes can assist in alignment. When aligned, clamp them together firmly with vise grip pliers, and secure the shank of the link in a vise. This will hold the pieces firmly while you tap to cut threads in the aligned holes (I used a #10-32 tap). Once threaded, liberate the pieces and put the ball in the socket of the link piece and slip the 'C' over the neck of the ball. Realign those new holes just threaded using the set screw to connect them. Locktite, or an equivalent, ought to secure the screw for longer than most of us will have the pleasure of owning our Alfas. Tools useful for this simple exercise: a small vise, vise grip pliers, allen wrench, a thread tap and handle, Dremel with cutting wheel for steel, Locktite.

Thanks to all who've previously posted their solutions for this problem. You all set my mind to the task, got me thinking, “What if ...”. I hope this is a pragmatic option to consider when confronted with the common wiper linkage ball and socket problem.


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