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Pictured are tools thought long lost, yet discovered just a few days ago from my former GTV sold years ago. These are original tools - not reproductions, highly sought after by many of you. Tools were used maybe once and are literally as new. Since I'm unlikely to purchase another Alfa in my "less is more" stage of life, I'll offer them here before doing the eBay thing. Please PM price offers or questions rather than responding directly to this post.

Many of you have inquired or submitted offers via PMs. Rather than continue asking for price offers, I added individual tool prices.


1) Alfa Romeo P/N A.4.0121 Throttle Limit Stop Tool for Spica SOLD!

2) Alfa-Romeo P/N A.5.0177 Fuel Cut-off Solenoid Wrench for Spica (2 pictures) SOLD!

3) USAG 281 C/160 Cam Turning Wrench SOLD!

4) 10mm distributor wrench (non-branded, generic?) SOLD!

Payment via PayPal preferred


1 - 5 of 5 Posts