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Plasti Dip Protective Coating Products | Synthetic Rubber Dip Coating

I was on a Corvette forum (I don't remember why), and stumbled on a thread about using this stuff for a myriad of things. Some of the posters were spraying a few heavy coats on their wheels then painting them - so they didn't have to ruin the stock finish to get a new look. No sanding, priming or prepping other than a good cleaning is necessary. Others were making stone and chip guards on lower panels. Other guys had done trim pieces in plain satin black (the color of this stuff)...

And I got to thinking. This MIGHT be a great solution for plastic trim and bumpers on a GTV6. It's flexible. It fills cracks, gashes and other wounds. It can de-texturize (the stock "lizard skin" texture of all the Alfa trim is not my favorite characteristic). It's washable. Allegedly it doesn't fade. Hmmm. I could even do my wheels, stainless trim, air dam, ground effects, bumpers, etc etc etc.

For a few bucks it's worth a try, right? If it sucks, I just peel it off!
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