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A new take on a old GTV6

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Using a scrapped 1979 Alfa Romeo GTV as a base car, Racer X Design’s team began working on the GTV Evoluzione in 2004 and it finished this year (2007). The car was designed by Reuben Zammit and built by Jean Paul Pisani who used metal sheets instead of fibreglass. Both the front end and the back end were completely cut off and re-built from scratch, the track was widened by 8” on the front and 9” on the back, using one off wheels designed in-house

The concept;

The Execution;

personally I think if they kept with the concept it would have looked better.

The concept rear end looks more "Zagato" & the base of the front spoiler tapers in looking better. the concept looked crisper & sharper to. The execution is too wide & lost some of the subtly in the process - too many hard lines on the end result.

Good attempt tho - take my hat off to them.
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I think that looks pretty neat!
I like the window treatment. Less convinced by the rest. Drawings look nicer than reality which looks a bit ...kitcar...(not meaning to denegrate what obviously took a lot of effort though)
I like it. If Alfa sold something like that in the US they would do very well.
It looks great!! and is not too far off from the concept look. GTV6's look great when they don't have the large bumpers.
I could see a convertible version...
i think it would have looked allot better with some smoothed leading edges - particularly the bonnets front edge - very cool though!

Almost reminiscent of the Sprint 6C...
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