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I joined a while ago and have done a couple of postings but have not done my formal introduction yet so here it is. About a month ago we got our 1969 1750 Spider Veloce in blue. Already have put almost a 1000 miles on it just cruising around and having fun going to a couple of cruise-in car shows and local Alfa club meetings.

This is not our first Alfa. I bought a Milano new when they first came out in model year 1987 and drove it as my daily driver for 6 years until parenthood required selling my toys (also sold my hot rod F100 pickup truck with 390 V8) to get a minivan :)oops:). Then after empty nesting finally came around, we went back to fun cars. I've always wanted a Roundtail and found what we wanted. Runs great. When we got it, the paint was not in the greatest of shape with a few chips and weak areas and some bubbles near the hood. So, took it to my favorite body shop (and artist) and now, it is perfect.

I'll keep reading and researching here. I have to fix an exhaust leak and do some minor tweaking on the Webers. Luckily, this forum, the local club, and local parts will make that easy and fun.

So, in the traditional manner of car forums (I belong to one or more for every car we own), I'll present the pictures:

Upon arrival:

Taking care of business:

And here it is:
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