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A little help with a Giulietta sprint ,please

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We are restoring this car now, and I need some pictures of something similar.
But I find none with 4 headlights like this.
According to the documentation, is a 750 B chassis number: 1493 02243
Is it a very rare model?
(and sorry for my english)

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Hola blutansky

Welcome aboard the Alfa BB

I think you have mixed up the digits in the chassis number, the number you posted is for a '56 Sprint, while the pictures definitely show a later 101 style Sprint, as can be seen from the seam at the rear of the car, the larger tail lights, you said that the car was a 750B, however the high scuttle and the dashboard shows it to be one of Giulia Series or possibly one of the last 1300 Sprints from late '65 or early '66, which has had extensive work done to the nose & wheel arches. It is not standard and is the work of a previous owner.

Unfortunately it's not a rare car, it's a modified car, albeit that it looks to have been rather well done.

Hi Blutansky

Also welcome to this forum.

ditto on Greig's comments.

thanks for responding so quickly!!

the picture is no good, but you can see the number, i hope.
No error.

750 B
1493 02243
1315 02137

Maybe, it´s a modified car. I will talk with the owner, and i´ll tell you more soon.
Thanks everybody
Great forum!!
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Dear Blutansky,
The numberplate in your photographs is not made with factory numbers. The Font and application is close, but incorrect. The plate is NOT the evidence, look on the face of the firewall just above the right-hand air-duct firewall fitting. Greig and Bob are correct. HOWEVER, that all aside, the "race 101" Giulietta/giulia you have may still merit a nice repaint and retrim especially for vintage roadrace/rally use! They are wonderful cars.
The work won't necessarily be easy or inexpensive however.
Keep the revs up,
Chassis number

Hola Blutansky

Look here for the chassis number



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