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I got up Saturday morning and went to a local Pick''N Pull looking for an Auxiliary Air valve for my 84 spider. Inventory showed that they had a few 80's cars (VW, BMW, Nissan 300z) so I though I'd take a chance and see what was up.

After a few dead ends, I found an 88 Saab 900 that had an AAV still attached. I pulled the valve and mess with it a bit. The vain was open and I could move it around a bit. I sprayed some carb cleaner in it and went and paid my bill....$6.99! What a deal!
I went out to the parking lot and decided to swap in on the spot and give it a try. Mechanically, the part fit great but after starting the car, the idle went up and down like a bad air leak. I drove down the street but decided that I was taking it back right then and there and getting my money back.

I should have kept going.

The street that I was on was a side street with no traffic. I started a three point turn and as I backed up, I got the rear tires off the road and with the slant of the shoulder, caught the tip on my tailpipe on some dirt and before I knew it, tore two of my rubber exhaust hangers. My exhaust was hanging on but dragging on the road and making quite the racket as I went down the road. Crap.

I had a few tools with me but nothing that was going to help me hang the exhaust back on the car. I abandoned my ride back to the yard and decided to try to find a shop or auto parts store to make a temporary repair.

Luckily, I found a muffler shop that although closed on Saturday, had a gentleman nice enough to put my car on a lift and install and weld a metal hanger that got me on the road. $20 later, I was on my way home.

So much for a deal. I ended up taking the AAV home and cleaned it. It opens fine but will not close worth a darn.

So I'm in for $27 and that I should have used toward simply buying a part from a vendor.

Oh well. Live and learn.
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