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My GTV6 has been lightly modified by the PO. Car is lowered and has 17-inch wheels with GTA brakes on the front. When I bought it the tyres were shot, as in nearly exploding, and I drove straight to my local tyre house for new ones.

As soon as they were done, I noticed the outside of the front left tyre rubbing on the lower plastic part of the front bumper. At the time everyone I spoke to shrugged and said that's what you get for buying a car with oversized wheels.

Since I'd paid a fair bit for the tyres I thought, well I'll use up these tyres and then get smaller wheels. For 2-3 years I drove around where every time I went downhill and to the right, the tyre rubbed. Eventually the rubbing stopped... after the tyre pulled the plastic bumper away from the guard slightly.

So the other month I said, let's do this, new wheels. Can we fit 16-inch wheels over the GTA brakes? No... and what's worse we discovered the PO had modded both the hub AND the wheel to make it fit right.

We were scratching our heads and then we took a closer look at the tyres. They were 215s. Had not even realised. So we changed them for 205s and now the wheels don't rub.

On the one hand I am an idiot for driving around like this for three years, but on the other hand a bill for four new tyres was a pleasant surprise - you know, as supposed to complete suspension remodification.

Also, I don't go to that local tyre house anymore.
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