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For the past two years I've been trying to track down a metallic rattle-y noise when my Milano was under load. Sounded like it was coming from the engine compartment. I got told it was valve noise, an exhaust leak...darned near everything. Drove me nuts trying to find it.

This weekend I found the post below on the Yahoo Alfa75 group. Tried the fix with the foam and it worked perfectly. I am freakin' amazed.

Glad this guy is a better troubleshooter than me! Link is below, I'm copying the post.

G'day Glenn,

You probably haven't been on this forum long enough to have seen the
pages of frustration I was reporting about the insideous clattery/rattly
noise in my Twin Spark that went on for about a year before I solved it.
As with you it started at 3000 rpm and seemed to be at it's worst when
holding the revs between 3000 and 3500 whilst driving. It did not do it
whilst stationary.

It sounded a lot like a rattly/clattery baffle in the muffler but seemed
to come mainly from the engine area and I have heard it on other 75's.
I won't go into all the things I did but I bloody near dismantled and
reassembled all the mechanicals on the car from the water pump to the
tailshaft to the clutch and couldn't find it.

So one day I met up with an Alfa/Ferrari backyard mechanic friend, and
he used a piece of pipe in his ear to listen around the car while I
drove and initiated the noise.

To both our amazement, and I mean amazement, The noise was loud when
listening in the hole where the rear ashtray goes.

To cut a long story short I dimantled the back end of the consul around
the hand brake and found that where the hand brake cable goes through
the floor there is supposed to be a rubber grommet, but this was damaged
and not in the hole. So I packed the area with some firm foam rubber to
seal up the hole and stop the handbrake cable from rattling against the
body metal and "EUREKA" !!! The noise was gone.

Whether the hole in the floor was letting the noise of something else
come through, or whether it was the handbrake cable I don't know, but
the noise was gone and this was years ago and I haven't heard it since.
Worked for me !! Please feel free to discuss it further if you have

Jim Mc
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