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Discussion Starter · #1 · ive come to terms with life etc...and im in need of some selling price input and a where to list for best chance of sale

first up is this ole girl
the transaxles gone..and the cars solid..but ill never have time to get at her with everything else on my like to recover as much as i can...cause...ive got other of randys projects that i want to see thru to the end..but i have to fund them alone

secondly is a very ..VERY nice fetta coupe..the one that he got from sports car market place mag...the car was very clean and nice..but had "some" issues...ive since adressed all of them and the car now runs drives stops and handles as if it just rolled out of the factory....i still need to put the pile of new door/window seals in it but all of the mechanical work ive done..driven it and seated and tested everything..brakes, suspension, engine, trust this car on cross country trips

everything i did on it was to randys specs..all suspension bits got swapped out for "worn" but not "abused" 83 gtv6 springs..the idea on this was that being they are aged they will have sagged a HUGE improvement over the body rolling floppy stock fetta aged stuff..and it did..the springs and sways did NOT make it ride like a dream but when you push it into a corner it doesnt flop over on itself it plants n goes while sucking up the world...its very "plush" the way it rides..without the floppy..the engine gone has had the top end done up...the brakes all gone thru konis and adjusted to feel "right"..every master and slave rebuilt and new lines keep her..but she is just a creampuff and too nice to flog

if anyone can point me in places to list, best way to list, and rough starting points for prices that would be great.....ive got no clue where youd go listin a lancia ...i suspect the alfa is easy..list it anywhere but price elludes me..i know what randy spent on the car..and i know what it was in bad need of..all of whcih i did at my costs.....oh yeah ZERO crunchys in all gears

dont bother asking about wife has claimed her and i will get it back togeteher
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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