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98 Spider centre cabin console

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98 Spider-console has become sticky-Does anyone know how to remedy this?

The console between the seats has become sticky. Think it maybe due to the UVs breaking down the plastic/rubber material - I often have the roof down and think the sun/UVs has affected - I live in Sydney Australia :)) yay). Have owned the Spider for 4 years, it was a bit soft/tacky when I first bought the car but now is very sticky. My mechanic reckons it often happens to Spiders ... Does anyone know what to use on the console to remove the stickiness? It looks awful and every bit of dust and fluff sticks to it. Help... Has anyone else had this prob with their Spider. Im open to suggestions. Cheers
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It's the paint that Alfa used on the console. I got rid of the stickiness in my 98 GTV by wiping the console with some acrylic paint thinner.

The paint is also soft, you will find that it nicks and scratches easy. Just take the radio in and out a couple of times.

Take the console out, scrape the paint off, nail polish remover helps, and repaint.

Note that the vertical console with the AC controls, radio and gauges is also painted with the same stuff.
Sticky console in Spider

Hey there, thank you for your response..... Are you talking about the console between the seats? Mine is made of black rubberised type of material. I don't understand what you mean by paint? Its just black rubber. Do you mean it is "sealed" with something and thats what has gone sticky? And yes the vertical console with the aircon radio etc is also easily marked so assume the same thing is happening there. You reckon acrylic paint thinner worked?! ... oooo ... sounds pretty rad ... eek ... are you sure its the same material as mine? .... and then what did you repaint it with? Why would you repaint it?

How do you get the console out? Where are the hold down points?

And the vertical console? Is there something online that shows me how to remove these?

Thanks for your help ... I shall wait for you to clarify before I do anything though... :)
I am sure it is the same stuff as the GTV. Technically it should be called a "coating" rather than paint. It's still soft and sticky

Go to and type " centre console" into their search function and take your pick of the advice offered.

Get yourself a CD workshop manual on ebay about $35. They are for the English version but very little difference to ours in Aust.
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