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Good Evening,

Hi to all I'm writing from Malta (Europe) and have a problem on my 1996 3.0 24V Super.

My version has the warning lights just below the car diagram in the middle of the dash which I hope you are familiar with. I just so happens that I've been checking continuity and simulating the accuracy of the warning lights but all failed none light up when something is wrong. The only ones which work are the Parking Brake Light and the Hydraulic Level Indicator however now the warning light stays lit and I've done everything, from shorting the wires to disconnecting the sensor which I know is working. I don't know why the light is lit, only it stays on after start and TEST.

The 1996 models are similar to the 1995 if not identical, the ECU is located behind the stereo but have no Alfa Romeo Control Unit like the ones on the earlier versions.

So that's problem 1, now I have the other warning lights which aren't working. The Coolant level Light has a new sensor, works but the light never turns on even after removing the sensor and shorting it. The Brake Pad warning Light same thing, the Max Water Temp Light Same and the Brake Lights Malfunction light (the 2 light symbols like rear tail lamps) never comes on even if a bulb is removed.

I'm really starting to worry as I've already spent a bundle on changing the Belts and a good service and I can't understand why the warning lights don't work and the brake hydraulic lamp stays lit. Is there a relay like in the earlier versions ? What can I do to turn it off or find the fault ? The wires aren't indicating a fault !

I really need your help as I am going crazy and here in Malta not much care about warning light, the only thing that's important here is that it starts and runs.

I appreciate your help & Thank you in advance.


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