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'94 LS Relay Question

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Yesterday my car refused to start-it cranked but didn't even pretend to fire.
This morning I found that the main relay was inop. I found a Spider relay Bosch 30A with the same pin configuration, tested it successfully and stuck it in the LS. It fired instantly!
Here's the question:
Bad LS relay was a Bosch 0332014112. The good relay is a Bosch 0332014125. The only difference is that the good one has a mounting tab. I'm guessing they are identical otherwise.
Now I'm going to open the bad one to see what's going on.
Should I spring for a new relay or use one of the old ones (if I can tune 'em back up)?
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Which relay is 'the main relay"? Motronic?


It's the fuel pump relay with 3A fuse. My Spider sheet calls it a "main relay" I just opened my bad one and found a fried diode and coil. I'm going to pull the working spare out of the car and see if it has a diode or not. If not, I'm getting a new one.
No diode in the Spider relay...
$12.76 inc. shipping from Rockauto.
The relay with the diode should have a red diagonal stripe on the cover.
Yeah, but I doubt if mine was original-it's also listed for some BMWs.
Does the "red stripe" relay have a Bosch part #?
I found one with the famous red stripe in a satellite parts stash and installed it- same # Bosch 0332014112.
The -112 has the diode in it for both engine ECU and starter. the 113 fuel pump relay and the Spider -425 will work but don't have diode safety feature.

The red stripe -112 will not work in -113 fuel pump socket though. Go figure!

I carry both 112 and 113 spares in my glove boxes on both my 164s.
Me too, as soon as the new one arrives!
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