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Took the car out of storage today and decided maybe not to sell Sophia. Too nice. Then I thought I really want to go for an American muscle V-8 and would consider a trade. Not sure how many American muscle car guys and girls would swap out their ride for an Alfa, but maybe.

68,500 miles on the odometer, and bought at 66,981 in April 2008. I paid $20,000 and in 2009 improved the following:

  1. Engine gasket seal,
  2. Engine front main and rear seal,
  3. Transmission gasket and rear seal,
  4. Front and rear pads,
  5. Hand brake shoes,
  6. Gas gauge sending unit,
  7. Water pump,
  8. Serpentine belt,
  9. V-belt,
  10. Transmission mount,
  11. Clutch disc,
  12. Shift boot,
  13. Shift seal,
  14. Speedo cable,
  15. Air filter,
  16. Front wheel bearing and bearing seals and
  17. New Pirelli's

$3175 in total and have receipts. Work performed by Auto Bugatti in Montreal. Runs 5W50 synthetic. It is a Commemorative Edition, #186 of 190 for 1994. Green and originally a California car. Excellent condition and is beautiful to drive. Asking $16,900. Appraised and insured for $25k. Offers welcome.

If interested, contact Joseph at [email protected].

Pictures below

Herr Piech and all other Volkswagen A.G. executives must maintain a 500 yard distance from all Alfa Romeo products…


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