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94 164Q for sale

Price drop: $3,500. Call/text at (717) 817-3118 or email [email protected]. Car is located in Dearborn, MI.

I'm selling this 94 164Q for my older brother. He recently bought it from AlfaBB classifieds (in April, I believe) and has since bought an Audi 200 20V turbo quattro Avant, so he's moving on.

Here is the listing from earlier this year:

Here is what we did while we owned the car:
-Replaced timing belt
-Replaced timing belt idler pulleys (2)
-Replaced timing belt tensioning pulley (1)
-Replaced serpentine belt
-Replaced serpentine belt pulley (1)
*All of the above were completed using the proper Alfa timing belt weight tools*
-Replaced water pump
-Replaced T-stat housing in/out hoses (the little guys)
-Replaced T-stat housing gasket
-Replaced intake runner boots (6)

Additionally, here are the items that the previous owner took care of:

-clutch, slave cylinder
-heater core and blower motor
-front control arm bushings, stabilizer links, shock boots
-all the fluids and new, A/C recharged
-driver side door lock
-serpentine belt
-spark plugs
-rebuild axles
-windshield wipers mechanism and module
-brand new fog lights
-Bosch EURO style headlights
-Wrinkle paint valve covers
-new rear steel brake lines

-Car stutters at part throttle - not sure if timing or fuel related. I may resolve this soon, but wouldn't count on it. No sputter before we did the timing belt, during which cam timing was set with cam dies. My guess is one of the rear coil packs isn't fully connected to the harness.
-Serpentine belt squeals. We checked both idlers, so it's either the alt or A/C pulley. This is something that I may get to as well.

Car for sale in following configuration:
-Stock wheels
-Stock steering wheel

Optional extras:
-Spare running 24V engine
-Spare Q transmission
-17" Azev wheels without tires
-16" OZ Superleggera wheels with newer Bridgestone tires
-Wooden steering wheel
-used timing belt pulleys and tensioners

Photos (one mismatched wheel due to flat tire on the Azev wheels):

Link to lots more photos


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would you sell the 24v engine separately?
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