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'92 "Spider Veloce" rear emblem source

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For whatever reason, someone damaged the rear "Spider Veloce" emblem on my '92. The "SP" is gone, and the rest of it is badly bent. This is the emblem under the left taillight in block letters, held on with adhesive tape. The paint in the area is also damaged, but looks like it will polish out.

Anyone know of a source, used or new? TIA.
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That sucks.

The "Spider" emblem is still available but the S4 "Veloce" part is NLA from the big suppliers (this was my experience from three years ago).
Hopefully things have improved.
Thanks for the advice. I've checked all the US vendors, and just saw that Highwood Motors in the UK (one of my favorites, anyway) may have the "SPIDER", which is probably all I need. I'm pretty sure I can salvage the "VELOCE" piece. Highwood's site says to "ask about availability", and that is what I will do, via email. Chris is always very quick to respond.
No one carrys them new from what I heard they were applied by the dealer and are plastic. See a lot of repaints that doesn't have the lettering.

Best bet is to find one off a recker or parts car. I got the "Spider" from a guy on the board parting out a S-4 but still hunting for the "Veloce".
Well, I'm hoping Highwood can set me up with the "SPIDER" part, and I'm going to gently heat the "VELOCE" before I try to straighten it out.
Have you tried Black Bart's Emporium?

I looked at Bart's site first, but it;s not listed. If Highwood doesn't have it, I'll email Bart. I feel kind of bad that I haven't bought anything from Highwood in such a long time, so I'm hoping I can get it from Chris.
spider badge

i have couple spider badges in good cond,
please email me [email protected]
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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