This is a strong running 'driver's condition' Spider with 82k miles and passed CA smog in September 2020. I've recently moved to Richmond, VA.

This link has lots of photos, including detailed images of flaws: Dropbox photos

I'm using Hemmings valuation for a \'Fair\' condition Spider this age ($11,400) as the basis for the price.
I will try to be as forthcoming as possible about any needs the Spider has. I just had it buffed up and polished--however, the hood and front fender has some paint damage and needs repainting, and there are a few small dings.

I love this car and it'll kill me to sell it but I've got a lot of highway miles in my near future and it's just not the right car for that. This thread details the romance of buying an Alfa for the first time: Are You (Spider) Experienced? Well, I am (slowly becoming).

Driving video:
Walk around video:
Cold start video:

Lowering springs from Vicks, about 1" lower
Squadra-Tune chip (have original)--no problem with CA 91 octane and passes smog
Chassis stiffener
Recent work (has been worked on by Alfaman in Novato for last 3 years):
Lot's of minor work like plugs, distributor, etc. I'll try to upload images of receipts soon
New brake master cylinder
New clutch slave
New rubber around trunk and door
New alternator and power steering belt
Lubed doors and clutch linkage
Heater valve replacement
Cooling fan relay
Muffler replaced (3 yrs ago)
Brakes front and rear done, rear axel seals and LSD rebuild 8k miles ago

--Transmission 2nd and 3rd gear synchro rebuild, some synchro sound at idle through shifter
--The rear end sometimes makes a 'groaning' (not a grinding) sound on takeoff. I had the LSD rebuilt but there's still a bit of sound (You can hear it briefly in the driving video when I take off from a stop sign). This has been this way for a very long time and hasn't gotten worse. It seems to happen when there's more weight (passenger) or load (taking off), as if something is pushing down on the axle to cause the sound vs. an internal differential grind.
--Motor mounts
--Passenger side window put back in power band track
--Full gauge is accurate only when under 1/4 full (warning light works)
--Sideview mirrors power button doesn't work (recently did, might just be a fuse)
--A/C blows mildly cool, needs 134 upgrade
--Driver seat caved in and frayed on bottom (I've left it this way because I'm 6'3" and works well for my height)
--Mild surface rust under spare (had trunk rubber trim replaced and now is sealed tight)
--Paint has some small sections of wear and oxidation on the hood as well as a few chips and a small bondo crack under the driver's side light.