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Please bear with me as this is my first posting.

I am looking for advice on the purchase of a 1991 Spider Veloce with just under 50k miles. From all appearances, the car is in great shape - 1 owner and many records to illustrate consistent maintenance.

What things should I look for in terms of red flags when inspecting/driving the car myself, and what items should a mechanic check before I write the check for this car.

Any input is much appreicated.

Kind regards,

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Heres a list of things to check:

Soft top in good condition
No Gear box whine
2nd gear syncro
Check it doesnt jump out of reverse
All electrics
Hard top would be good
Timing chain change
listen for rattle near timing chain casing - might need a new tensioner if rattly
All gearbox & engine oil seals
rear diff seals - look at chassis above for sprayed oil from prop
Boot seals for rust
spare wheel well for rust
spray water at quarter lights for leaks
fan heater works

& all the normal things you would check on a car.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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