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I bought a nice '91 Spider last summer then sent it to my mechanic to get it all dialed in over the winter. I picked it up two weeks ago after $8,100 of parts and labor and the fuel line came lose causing an fire in the engine bay. It obviously needs work but could be a very decent daily driver. Only issues I know of are that the infamous 2nd gear synchro will eventually need work and I sometimes hear a rattle that I think is coming from the differential but I'm not sure. it may or may not have other issues that I don't know about so obviously being sold "as is". It comes with a full title, not a salvage title, and has four very good phone dial wheels, a new top and a recently redone interior. I have 150 pics on photobucket that you can access and scans of the recent bills, just PM me for those and any additional information. I'm located in southwest Michigan between Chicago and Detroit.
My wife understandably wants it out of the driveway and I can't bear looking at it much longer. I'm looking for the first $5,800 cash that can haul it away.


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