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91 Spider, gas smell while driving

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I'm new to Alfa's and dont like wasting a lot of time so maybe you can help me.
I can sometimes smell a light fuel smell while driving. I dont always notice it but it is very alarming when I do. I dont notice any pools of fuel after driving.
Where is a good place to check for possible leaks on this car?

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After you fill up - or - at any time (patterns?)
Top up or top down?
Check ...
- the rubber fuel filler neck behind the fill cap (from inside trunk)
- fuel rail and injection hoses for cracking
- Pressure Regulator connections
- Air Inlet Valve and Check Valve (from inside trunk)
- Fuel Lines especially under car around Filter and Pump
- Gas Tank rusty
Do you smell the fuel odor with the top down or up?
I'm back, sorry about the delay!

-I only notice when the top is down.
-I have noticed it at both fast and slow speeds.
-I'm not positive, but I think I've only smelled it after filling the tank


Thank you for the suggestions! It shed some light on the subject and gave me a starting point.


If you (or anyone else) has suggestions I would appreciate hearing them.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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