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'91 spider bumper alignments

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If it's possible to do, I’m looking for advice on how to “align”, i.e., adjust the orientation of front and rear bumpers on my ’91 Spider Veloce, to match/parallel the body lines.
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In the rear at least, there's a big flat headed screw on each side. The sides of the bumper have a keyed slot that this screw fits into. You can adjust the screw up and down a bit to level the bumper. You need to remove the bumper to get to it and adjust it (there are instructions in the Cardisc manual).

It can be a bit tricky to get the bumper lined up with both sides properly slotted. If you get it wrong the leading edge of the bumper will stick out at the rear of the wheel well. Really a two (or better three: one at the rear and one on each side) person job to make it easier.
bumper alignment

All the s-2 and s-3 have the same type of attachment. Get four or five friends, a case of beer, and lots of time. I had to do it to my 86 (series2) and it is a pain in the *** !!!
The sides of the bumper have a keyed slot that this screw fits into. You can adjust the screw up and down a bit to level the bumper.
I'm not sure, but is this the "keyed slot"?

It's a pic of the rear bumper from my '91 when Rossa was getting a new dress.:D

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Good Luck.

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Yes, that'd be the key slot. There is a flat-head screw type item attached to car. That key slot fits over the screw head.
I found a picture of the slotted screw. I can see how you can raise and lower the bumper with the position of the screw.

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Yep, that's it. The trick is to get the screw in the slot and then push the bumper forwards to get the bumper lip properly seated inside the wheel well.

I was able to do it with just the wife's help, but there was a lot of cursing involved.
Thanks to all.
I'll be sure to be ready with the right support, both physical and liquid. Any ideas as to which curse words worked best?
I think I said "Mother****ing **** of a ****ing bumper! Go the **** on you ****sucker!"
Wow, the board doesn't auto-censor "****sucker". I'll need to note that for future posts :D
I appreciate the pics and info. Since I don't have the car at my disposal here in DC, could you please tell how the bumper is removed from the car in order to make the suggested adjustments?
Can I assume the front bumper is similar to the rear bumper in its attachment/adjusting ?
Any experience/insights are welcome!
Thanks, Nick
auto-censor "****sucker". :D
That's funny "auto-censor ****sucker" :D
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