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91 Alfa Spider Airbag indicator reset attempt. Please see my video link to Youtube.

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I'm having a hard time seeing a sequence in the airbag indicator light. Please take a minute to share some advise so I can get my light reset. The video link is below and if anyone can see an error sequence so I know when to pull the spade that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. :confused:

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Not sure what's going on there, but someone should have an answer for your shortly.

Basically, if you have the spade and wires correctly touching, you should enter into the "test" sequence of the light - which would look far different than what you're seeing.

What you are getting now, is no different than if the spade was not connected, I believe. So alas, a simple procedure has become more complicated - as they almost always do.

My guess is that we have to look at how your spade is connected to the wires - and if the wires are well connected to the Air Bag ECU.
Yep, that's not flashing codes. Somehow the computer isn't sensing that you've got it in test mode.

Here are some ideas. Note that I don't think any of this stuff should be unsafe, but that being said all airbag work carries the potential for accidental deployment and is AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you're not comfortable with that then don't proceed.

At the very least, don't have your wife in the driver's seat (like in the video!) or anything in the path of the airbag (raised seatback, tools, limbs) when doing ANYTHING with the airbag wiring.

1) With the car *off* and using a digital multimeter, check the ohms from that black wire to ground. It should be a good ground (basically the same as you get when you touch the probes together)

2) With the car *off*, remove the rear parcel shelf and
a) Check that the other end of that diagnostic cable is plugged in and tightly connected at the airbag computer (behind driver's seat)​
b) There should be a separate ground bolt on the airbag computer. Check that this connection is good and makes a good connection to ground​

Report back with what you find.
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Just did this again on sunday and monday. You are not in the sequence at all.
When you get the spade on right (this seems different than mine) then when you turn on the power the light will flash once quickly and then 2x quickly, then a very long single light will come on,......wait and there will be 2 flashes and then the final single flash, longish again and the final 2 flashes. Then you go into the error codes, there may be more than one so wait through them. Mine was 26 3x's the right front connection. We cleaned it out sunday, got the light off and on monday it came back on. We went through the sequence again (you get pretty good at with all the practice ;) ) and it went off. I got the car through the aircare testing!
The 26 will be faster, 2 flashes immediately followed by 6 single flashes. repeated 2 more times before the 12 flash code came on again. Once the first 12 code comes back on, the long single flash followed by the 2 we quickly followed the procedure using a seconds clock.
Good luck with it. Have you found the info on here to do with this problem? I printed it and keep it in my workshop manual for my Spiders. It also shows how to make your own spade connection which is what I have.
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Thank you for the response, I work long hours and will have another crack at it this weekend, I'll post and let you know.
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