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91 164s

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4/14/12 Sold pending final payment.

Thanks to everyone for comments and questions.

4/13/12. Reduced to $1000 . Help me clean out my garage.

Convention garage sale part 2

Red '91 164S, good black interior, runs great, 5 speed shifts smooth and sure. Top and trunk has awesome clearcoat peeling, A/C has been tested good but needs new fitting and a charge.

Sorry but I can't post pictures until the weekend. I'll add details then also.

I can bring it to the convention in Lexingon if you want a look.

Asking $2000. Reduced see above.

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hi, i'm interested in the 164. i live in the nashville area. i await the pictures? [email protected]
I am interested as well, and live a little north of Nashville.
How many miles on the car?

I've posted pictures at

Mileage shows 184,489, I am not sure that it is accurate but have no reason to doubt it.
interested as well

hi, I'm interested as well, you can contact me at [email protected] with your number or call me at 337 660-3710 if the car is still available. thx

The car is sold, pending deposit, etc.

Thanks for everyone's interest.
Relisting, price reduction

I'm relisting this 164S for sale. After last summer's sale fell through I drove the car through fall and winter, but still need to clean out my garage. About 187,000 miles showing now.

I also have a 91 164L listed. Both need to go. There's no shop in Louisville that can work on these and I don't have the time.
I'm interested in your car. Can you provide some details - Steppers, timing belts, maintenance, price, etc?
164S more info.

Oops, thought I included the price - $1500.

I'm not sure about the stepper but air comes out in all of the right places based on what direction I choose. The previous owner replaced the timing belt, water pump, etc. within about the last 5k miles. It uses some oil, about a quart in 1000 miles.

It runs and drives fine. Paint is awful with the clearcoat peeling and door handles, mirrors and spoiler fading.

Think of it as a parts car you could drive and enjoy.
new price

Reduced to $1000.
Yer killin' me. I wish you were nearby so I could trade welding, or bodywork, or enginework, or something.
That's alot of car for the money.

4/14/12 Sold pending final payment.

Thanks to everyone for comments and questions.
Just finished my 860 mile drive home from Louisville in the 164S. Flawless. A great driving car and certainly a lot of car for the money. Thanks for everything, John.

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