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$900 Gtv!!??

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73 Alfa RomeoGTV 2000

Anyone know this car or near enough to check it out? What the?? Joe @ G2 thinks that it might be a GTC, but what's up with the hood bulge?

$900?? Is this for real?

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ratrodalfetta: the link in your message simply opens an Outlook screen, and attempts to send an email to sale-*** Without knowing the city or country the ad appears in, it's difficult to research it.

From what you wrote, $900 does sound light, but then that's the appeal of Craigslist.
I believe this is the link to the listing (as opposed to the e-mail address): "73 Alfa RomeoGTV 2000 - $900 (napa county)"

Best regards,
d-oh, oops, my bad - yes, that is the correct link. any comments?
It's not a GTC, but it might be a homemade choptop. Probably good for parts only because I doubt you could overcome the structural issues.
That car used to belong to a young fellow here on the BB. He left for the UK to go to school a couple of years ago and I believe that he sold the car to a friend. It is a modified GTV, not a GTC. The modifications are not that great. However, this car may still be a great value given current GTV prices.
It's not a GTC, but it might be a homemade choptop. Probably good for parts only because I doubt you could overcome the structural issues.
You don't think that someone could put a roof back on this thing? There certainly are good donor cars out there with good roofs.
If anyone is really interested, I can go look at it as its local. I have seen the car on the road in the past. I gave chase but gave up after awhile. At the time the car looked pretty straight, but I haven't seen it in over a year. Let me know.

I just put a whole roof on a car. It's not that bad. But it has to be done from the inside out on the "C" pillar. There are three layers of steel there. All layers are very important.

Benji- have you bought this yet?

Will yes please do. I would love to know about it. I have the roof.
I remember that car. Will def. need good TLC
you remember the car! we do tell. whats the ups and downs?
That's right I remember this one.
Now that I've seen the links to the first threads on this car, I recognize it. I almost bought it in 1993. It was made by a guy in Oakland, CA, up in the hills. I was shopping for my first Alfa and passed on it. I recognize the fender flares now. I knew then that a custom chop would be problems. He had two GTVs for sale, a silver one was real ratty and this one looked pretty good. He said then that he couldn't get the soft top to fit right so he was going to cut up another and make a hard top. Looks like not much progress was made on it.

hi daron,
i'm staying away. with the type of weather that we've been having in the bay area lately, i prefer a car with a real roof attached to it! LOL!
Ok, I will try and look into it on Friday or Sat. I'll take the camera and post the pictures.

blpltGTV, I got my buddy going out there with $350.00 CASH! so you better hurry because I want to get some shoe laces and I dont think I can go without those, so if you show up with 353.50 and the car is gone, then you know you are just too slow on the draw buddy!
that goes for you to benji !.
that 69 isnt getting any younger.
and anthony, why dont you tell your brother that the 1600 is DONE and just slide this little grey beauty under his doormatt, knock and run. He's so knee deep in astro rockets, he'll never notice.
I don't want to buy this car, I have enough projects as it is. I was going to go check it out incase someone else might be interested. Infact, I will be taking a look at another Alfa that has either black or yellow Ca. plates tomorrow afternoon. The price for that car might be even better. I'm a little concerned about rust with it however. Its been sitting in an outside barn for a long long time. It will however need a new/larger engine as 1300ccs just doesn't do it for me, and only half of the engine is there.

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