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I am amused when people try to use a "code" to paint a car.

In modern times, using sophisticated measuring devices and mixing TONS of paint at a time, not a few gallons, a car manufacturer might achieve a degree of consistency over time. A degree of consistency, not perfection.

Trying to duplicate even modern colors using modern paint and a "code" is a fool's errand. When I work with my body and paint guy, he insists on completing the paint application in as short a time as possible, as the final color can vary due to temperature, humidity, and other factors.

Meanwhile, trying to duplicate a color in a photo presumes the registration of the photo is the same as reality. Ha!

Find an example of the color you want and a brilliant color-guy. Mix and match to get what you like. Shoot a test panel. Adjust. Shoot more test panels. More adjustment.

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